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Barrier-free Shopping Center Seppä


The Seppä shopping center features a modern spatial design that also takes into account the needs of special groups and people with reduced mobility as well as possible.

It is easy to get to the shopping center either by taxi in front of the main entrance or by your own car to the INVA space in the parking garage. There are wheelchairs at the main entrance. You can ask the warden about them.

The elevators allow wheelchair access from the parking garage all the way to the upper floors. The biggest stores on the second floor also have their own elevators to the upper floor. The shopping center's corridors are also wide and barrier-free. You can use a wheelchair to get to Prisma's side from the inside. All toilets are connected to INVA toilets.

More information:

Wheelchair inquiries from the order supervisor:

Seppä by taxi:

With a taxi, you can get directly to the main doors of Seppä Shopping Center, from which there is unhindered access inside. Our address is Ahjokatu 3-5.