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Seppä responsibility

We do shopping center-sized acts of responsibility every day. We are constantly looking for new ways to improve our operations and our own climate emissions. We employ more than 700 people locally in the companies of the shopping center.


Energy saving

Our shopping center participates in energy saving talks for the whole country. Energy saving measures are mainly aimed at the electricity consumption and heating of our property. We are e.g.:

  • Reduced the lighting level of the shopping center's public spaces and parking garage.
  • Reduced lighting outside of opening hours (outdoor areas and staff working hours) to the extent that it is possible from a safety perspective.
  • Calculated the indoor temperature of the parking garage
  • Calculated the interior temperature of the shopping center
  • Prepared for possible nationwide power outages with the shopping center's internal security plan and customer instructions.
  • Varautuneet mahdollisiin valtakunnallisiin sähkökatkoksiin kauppakeskuksen sisäisellä turvallisuussuunnitelmalla ja asiakasohjeistuksella.


Green heating

The heating of our shopping center does not cause carbon dioxide emissions, because we use Alva's certified and emission-free Green heating. By introducing green heat, we have reduced our carbon footprint by more than 369 tons.

Glowing with the sun

We have 1,670 solar panels on our roof, from which we get electricity for charging points for electric cars, for cooling our property, and for ventilation and lighting. The solar power plant with an area of ​​more than 6,000 square meters reaches a peak power of 400 kilowatts, which produces 250 MWh of electricity. Electricity production corresponds to 12 percent of our electricity consumption.

Water saving

Our water consumption is managed with automatic, water-saving water fixtures. In case of water damage, leak monitors monitor and alert you of exceptionally high water consumption. All in all, we splash water very little.

Promoting energy efficiency

Our shopping center, completed in 2017, is an energy-efficient property. We save energy in many different ways by using, for example, natural light in lighting, which reduces the use of electricity for lighting. *We use the LEED environmental certificate awarded to Seppä in 2018, which is proof that the shopping center was designed and built in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.

Encourages recycling

It's easy for us to be a good recycler thanks to a functioning recycling point. We train and encourage our stores to sort their waste carefully. Customer recycling points can be found nearby, in Prisma's yard.

Enthusiastic about ecological kilometers

It is easy to come to our shopping center in an environmentally friendly way. We have 18 electric car charging points and 110 bicycle spaces. You can also take the bus almost directly to Seppä!

Supporting security

We work hard to ensure that Seppä is safe and healthy for both our customers and our employees. We train our stores to be prepared for possible threat situations. Steetön Seppä is a good shopping place for people with reduced mobility and a safe place for children's first independent shopping trips as well.

Proud of the cooperation

At Seppä, we like to collaborate with youth and students. We also cooperate with local sports clubs, because we want to support a healthy and sports-filled life.

Sharing good things

Charity is close to our hearts and we do charity work with local operators. Most preferably, we do good together with our customers!

The LEED environmental certification system is a U.S. A classification method for the design, construction, operation and maintenance of buildings developed and maintained by the Green Building Council (USGBC).